Victoria Yang


Victoria Yang, attorney at low in China and senior attorney of Shanghai Shenyu Law Firm, Graduated from a Law School of Bohai University and Shanghai Fudan University, holds a bachelor's degree in law, holds a lawyer qualification certificate and a professional qualification certificate for enterprise legal counsel. Victoria yang is a member of Shanghai Lawyer Association, and a member of Shanghai Enterprise Legal Counsel Association.

Victoria Yang has rich experience and well-trained skills in legal practice .She once served as the legal affairs of Lipeng group in Hong Kong. She is the legal consultant of the listed company Hongrun Construction Group Co., Ltd., and to be familiar with enterprise legal affairs management and risk control. Victoria Yang has been engaged in legal work for more than ten years.

Professional Scope: Company acquisition, Economic contract disputes. Engineering construction and eal estate development disputes

Victoria Yang has a high level of business and rich experience in handling cases.

Representative cases:

On behalf of Hongrun Construction Group Co., Ltd. in handling the construction contract dispute with a real estate development Co., Ltd. in Kunshan;

On behalf of the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Hongrun Real Estate Co., Ltd. in handling the construction contract dispute with a Construction Group Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province;

On behalf of Shanghai Construction Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. in handling the dispute over the construction contract with a landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. in Shanghai;

Represent Hengyang Hongbang Real Estate Co., Ltd. to handle the equity transfer and acquisition project;

Represent Tianjin Jianlian Guarantee Co., Ltd. in dealing with economic contract disputes, etc.