Shenyu appointed as the perennial General Counsel of Chongqing Chamber of Commerce, Yunyang Branch

On the anniversary day (Dec 29, 2019) of the establishment of Shanghai Chongqing Chamber of Commerce Yunyang Branch, Jiang Tao, the chief legal officer of Shanghai Shine Law Firm, signed the "Perennial Legal Counsel Contract" with the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the firm. The firm is officially appointed as the principal legal advisory of Shanghai Chongqing Chamber of Commerce, Yunyang Branch.

At the signing ceremony, President Chen of the Yunyang Chamber of Commerce expressed his gratitude to the lawyers of Shanghai Shenyu for their dedication to Yunyang businesses. Shenyu is committed to strengthen the work of the Chamber of Commerce and to ensure excellent compliance in all actions made by the Chamber of Commerce.

Witnesses of the signing ceremony were Vice Chairman Cai of the Pudong Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice Chairman Zhang of the Yunyang CPPCC, Chairman, Vice Chairman and members of the Yunyang Branch, Shenyu founding partner Wu Yonghong, and lawyer Guo Pengfei.