Labor And Employment

Labor issues are some of the most complex and important matters facing both multinational corporations and local ones. Laws and regulations concerning labor and employment are extremely complex in China. Our labor attorneys handle all types of labor issues in daily operation of corporation, especially in dealing with employment matters relating to foreign investment enterprises (FIEs). We assist clients not only in establishing labor management systems and handling human resources, but also in settling complicated employment disputes.
We offer a full range of services concerning labor and employment, including:
▪ Draft and negotiate employment contracts, non-competition agreements and non-disclosure agreements
▪ Prepare employee manuals and help to set up corporate rules and regulations system
▪ Provide legal advice on labor protection, work-related injuries, occupational disease, remuneration, compensation and social insurance.
▪ Assist in handling employee lay-offs and displacements in corporate acquisitions, liquidations and restructuring proceedings
▪ Employment aspects of outsourcing
▪ Employment termination
▪ Dispute resolution of labor issues
▪ Specialist policy advice